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Science can be both fascinating and terrifying for people.  Fascinating because of the amazing complexity, surprises and wonder it holds.  Terrifying because of its complexity and the surprisingly strange ideas it holds.  In business, multiply that terror by the anxiety around money, competition, risk and the all-powerful Market, and we understand why many businesses avoid innovation.   Still, innovation creates the future and businesses that refuse to embrace it are also creating a future - one without them in it. 

Individuals, too, find science confusing. One reason is that the news media often fail to differentiate actual science and pure nonsense, apparently because too few journalists can tell the difference. That's why the Making Sense Newsletter is here.  I'll take the confusion out of science, engineering, research and innovation.  In this newsletter, I explain some of the most interesting and relevant science topics in plain English.  No jargon!  That's my promise to you.

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