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Here are some of the useful links I enjoy visiting, and I hope you enjoy them too. (most links open in a new browser)

John S. Jacob - My personal web site
Smart-Inventor.com - Information and Knowledge for Inventors
APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day
The Straight Dope - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (it's taking longer than we thought) 
The Urban Legends Reference Pages - Don't just forward that dodgy email, check it out first.  It may not be factual.
NASA/JPL Near-Earth Objects Program - Will a giant asteroid wipe out life on Earth?  Find out here.
Gingin Observatory - The Best astronomy outing anywhere in the world, bar none, is just 60 minutes north of Perth, Western Australia. Take the whole family.
The Gravity Discovery Centre A Great Science Day Out for the whole family, 60 km north of Perth.
P R O Innovation Leadership Eliminate wasted time and money while getting the most from your R&D Investment.
Publications and Reports authored or co-authored by John Jacob.
Sharp End Pty Ltd Dirk Horn, Director. Engineering And Management Solutions. I highly recommend Dirk for mechanical design, CAD, implementation and engineering management.
Computer Consultant Professionals I highly recommend Lee Sanders of CCP for IT support, advice, products and PC/Laptop service.
Scientrific Pty Ltd Scientrific finds the world's best educational technology, supplies and aides for Science Education and delivers them to Australian Schools along with complete teacher training and product support.
Unit Converter
Unit Conversions - (Note to self: check here before launching Mars probes)
Dilbert - The fastest way to get Dilbert.  Remember: it’s not a cartoon, it’s a documentary. (Take it from an engineer.)
View John Jacob's profile on LinkedIn
- A fantastic business networking site


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